Ranging from a 2 yard to a 16 yard capacity, our skips are ideal for a wide variety of waste streams, from general household and garden rubbish to mixed demolition and construction waste. We also offer enclosed skips should you need your waste contained.

View our skip hire guide to make sure that you get the right skip for your disposal requirements.

Do you charge extra if I want to keep my skip for longer than two weeks?2023-02-25T11:44:28+00:00

No, we don’t charge hire or rental charges unless this is part of your hire agreement.

What happens if I can’t fit a skip on my driveway?2023-02-25T11:44:20+00:00

If your skip needs to go on the public highway it will need a permit from East Sussex County Council. We can obtain this for you but need five working days’ notice so please contact our office for further details.

What is a wait and load service?2023-02-25T11:44:12+00:00

A wait and load service involves a skip being dropped off to you for 20-30 minutes so that it can be filled. The driver waits while you load the skip and then takes it away, saving the cost of a road licence.

How long can I keep my skip for?2023-02-25T11:44:05+00:00

We don’t have a fixed time that our customers can keep their skips for but our skip hire is usually based on one to two weeks.

What can’t I put in my skip?2023-02-25T11:39:09+00:00

There are a few items that we can’t accept in our skips including fridges that have not been degassed, gas or pressurised containers and hazardous waste including paint, liquid, solvents and asbestos. We can accept mattresses but this will incur an additional charge. We ask that plasterboard is bagged where possible as it is landfill exempt and can’t be mixed with general waste.

How much can a grab lorry hold?2023-02-25T11:56:45+00:00

There are usually three different sizes of grab lorry you can hire. The most common is an 8 wheel grab lorry. This holds approximately 14 m3 or 17 tonnes which roughly equates to the amount that 3 six yard skips can hold, making it a cost effective option if possible.

What can a grab lorry take away?2023-02-25T11:56:35+00:00

The main use for the grab lorry is to remove large quantities of soil and concrete or hardcore. It can also grab green waste but is not generally designed to remove general rubbish items. The grab lorry can also be used to deliver materials such as recycled aggregate if a certain quantity is needed to be placed in a specific place.

What access is required and where can a grab lorry load from?2023-02-25T11:56:26+00:00

An 8 wheel grab lorry is approximately 9 ft wide and 22ft long. It loads itself with its bucket from the side of the vehicle and can reach as far out as 8 metres from the vehicle, grabbing up to a ton at full reach.

How much notice do I need to give to book a grab lorry?2023-02-25T11:56:18+00:00

Most companies like as much notice as possible but usually a couple of days’ notice allows you to secure a date and approximate time that is convenient for you.

What happens if I don’t have enough to fill a grab lorry?2023-02-25T11:46:16+00:00

If you don’t have a full load it may be possible for you to only pay for a half load or by the ton in some cases. At Haulaway we take bookings for half loads so if you don’t have a full load then you won’t be charged for one. Even if you do only have a small amount of soil or hardcore it is still worth considering the grab lorry as it may work out as cheap as a small skip and it does all the work so that you don’t have to!

What happens if I have more than one load to be grabbed away?2023-02-25T11:45:18+00:00

If you have more than one load to be taken away you can usually pre-book up to a full days hire for larger quantities. If you have just over a load you can book a half load at a reduced rate so that your waste material is completely cleared.


Both vehicles are capable of collecting and delivering bulk materials and recycled aggregates either as a full or part load. View our tipper and grab hire page for more info.

Our drivers are licenced and fully trained to operate these vehicles.


These are very large containers mainly used for the removal of construction waste and bulky lightweight material.

With three different sizes available, view our rolonof hire guide to make sure that you get the right size for your requirements.

What is a rolonof bin?2023-02-25T12:01:01+00:00

A rolonof bin is a large container that is used by people who have lots of waste or big bulky items that they need to dispose of.

How is hiring a rolonof bin different to hiring a skip?2023-02-25T12:00:20+00:00

A rolonof bin is delivered on an 8 wheel vehicle instead of a 6 wheel vehicle so will require greater access for delivery. The bins are 20 ft/6.1 metres long so will take up more space on your premises. A lot of companies also charge for these bins differently on a transport and tonnage basis rather than an ‘all in price’ that you will probably find with skip hire.

What can I put in a rolonof bin?2023-02-25T11:59:28+00:00

There are a range of different size bins that you can hire. You can put bulky construction waste in all sizes but inert waste such as concrete or soil cannot go in the larger sized bins as this waste will make the bin too heavy for the lorry to lift up.

Why would I hire a rolonof instead of a skip or a grab lorry for my inert waste?2023-02-25T11:58:47+00:00

A rolonof bin is a good alternative if you have a lot of inert waste but don’t have much room to store piles of material. The soil or hardcore/concrete can be put straight in to the bin when it is removed and then taken away. Plus, if you have a lot of this material, it should work out cheaper to hire one rolonof bin than to hire the equivalent of 3 skips. A rolonof bin can usually also be left on site for a timescale to suit your project.

What access will I require to hire a rolonof bin?2023-02-25T11:57:59+00:00

Rolonof bins are delivered on an 8 wheel vehicle which requires good access to be able to site a bin. For safe delivery, the driver will require the length of the vehicle as well as the length of the bin (which is approximately 20ft/ 6.1 metres) as the bin is rolled off the back of the vehicle on delivery. The bin is then collected by being lifted on to the back of the vehicle so this access must always be maintained. The width and height required are also important considerations so we have listed the dimensions of our vehicles below:
32 ton Rolonof Lorry
Height – 14.10ft/4.3m
Width – 10.2ft/3.10m
Length – 30.5ft/9.3m


Our Tractor Units with their trailers are the largest vehicles in our fleet at 16.5 metres long. The trailers have the capacity to transport 130 cubic yards of material, and all have the latest walking floor technology that safely walks the load out the back.

These vehicles have the latest Euro 6 engines with 510 horsepower and a gross vehicle weight of 44 tonnes.

With our low loader trailer, these vehicles can transport plant and machinery. View our Plant page for further information.


We offer a cardboard collection service for loose or baled cardboard from commercial and domestic premises.

This is collected entirely to suit you. We have a caged transit van that can collect weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on an ‘as and when’ basis.

We also keep an enclosed skip at the St. Wilfrid’s Furniture and Donation Centre in Eastbourne. Their opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm and they have free parking spaces outside. The skip is then weighed on collection and proceeds are donated to St Wilfrid’s Hospice!

The skip is placed in the front car park at: Unit 5 Technology Park, Moy Avenue, Eastbourne, BN22 8LD.

Please contact the office or email for further information on this service.

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