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Roll on roll off bins are large containers available for hire and are mainly used for the removal of bulky waste or heavy inert waste such as soil or hardcore.

We currently hire 16-yard, 20-yard and 40-yard rolonof containers, and these are delivered on an 8-wheel hook lorry.

For more information on hiring these containers and for rates please contact our office.

For smaller containers please see our wide range of skip services.

What is a rolonof bin?2023-02-25T12:01:01+00:00

A rolonof bin is a large container that is used by people who have lots of waste or big bulky items that they need to dispose of.

How is hiring a rolonof bin different to hiring a skip?2023-02-25T12:00:20+00:00

A rolonof bin is delivered on an 8 wheel vehicle instead of a 6 wheel vehicle so will require greater access for delivery. The bins are 20 ft/6.1 metres long so will take up more space on your premises. A lot of companies also charge for these bins differently on a transport and tonnage basis rather than an ‘all in price’ that you will probably find with skip hire.

What can I put in a rolonof bin?2023-02-25T11:59:28+00:00

There are a range of different size bins that you can hire. You can put bulky construction waste in all sizes but inert waste such as concrete or soil cannot go in the larger sized bins as this waste will make the bin too heavy for the lorry to lift up.

Why would I hire a rolonof instead of a skip or a grab lorry for my inert waste?2023-02-25T11:58:47+00:00

A rolonof bin is a good alternative if you have a lot of inert waste but don’t have much room to store piles of material. The soil or hardcore/concrete can be put straight in to the bin when it is removed and then taken away. Plus, if you have a lot of this material, it should work out cheaper to hire one rolonof bin than to hire the equivalent of 3 skips. A rolonof bin can usually also be left on site for a timescale to suit your project.

What access will I require to hire a rolonof bin?2023-02-25T11:57:59+00:00

Rolonof bins are delivered on an 8 wheel vehicle which requires good access to be able to site a bin. For safe delivery, the driver will require the length of the vehicle as well as the length of the bin (which is approximately 20ft/ 6.1 metres) as the bin is rolled off the back of the vehicle on delivery. The bin is then collected by being lifted on to the back of the vehicle so this access must always be maintained. The width and height required are also important considerations so we have listed the dimensions of our vehicles below:
32 ton Rolonof Lorry
Height – 14.10ft/4.3m
Width – 10.2ft/3.10m
Length – 30.5ft/9.3m


When you hire a roll on roll off skip, it is easy to assume you will be able to throw all of your waste into it. Whilst most waste types are ok, there are some materials and items which are not accepted or may incur an extra charge as they are difficult to dispose of.

This can vary between firms so it is always best to check with us before ordering.

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L: 20’0″ H: 3’3″ W: 8’2″


L: 20’0″ H: 4’0″ W: 8’2″


L: 20’0″ H: 9’0″ W: 8’2″

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