This brand-new site has been cleverly designed and constructed to deal with the baling, storage, and distribution of recycled materials such as cardboard, soft films, wood, UPVC, hard plastics and many more. In the past, several of these items have been destined for landfill meaning that they are not being recycled correctly however, we are here to put a stop to that!

This facility operates its own weighbridge and enables Haulaway and its clients to tip recycled materials into designated areas where our dedicated team itemise the materials’ suitability and quality and process it for baling. The bales are then stored ready for export both within the UK and globally ensuring that all materials in the facility are 100% recycled over and above the previous options for landfill.

Here at Polegate, we separate six different polymer types and process over 30 tonnes of plastic per day. We have two different teams here to ensure we are recycling as much as possible; this includes people working on a picking line and operating lots of machinery.