Recycling Facilities

Transfer Station

Our Waste Transfer Station is within the heart of our delivery region and therefore makes Haulaway an ideal company to service your site requirements.

This facility enables us to segregate waste materials into their recycling properties, reducing the need for landfill.

This is mostly done through our simple yet very effective picking station where the waste goes through a mechanical and manual process of being sorted into raw recyclable products. We currently have a recycling rate of over 90%.

Our transfer station is open to anyone with a waste carriers licence. We accept construction and inert wastes including soil and concrete. We also stock recycled aggregates including crushed concrete that can be purchased whilst on site.

Polegate Distribution Facility

This brand new site has been cleverly designed and constructed to deal with the baling, storage and distribution of recycled materials such as cardboard, soft films, upvc, hard plastics and the like. In the past, several of these items have been destined for landfill meaning that they are not being recycled correctly.

This facility enables Haulaway and its clients to tip recycled materials into designated areas where our dedicated team itemise the materials' suitability and quality and process it for baling. The bales are then stored ready for export both within the UK and globally insuring that all materials in the facility are 100% recycled over and above the previous options for landfill.


Haulaway operates its own Weighbridge at our transfer station which is available to all trades that operate with an Environmental Agency Approved Waste Carriers Licence. See our links page for related pages. Once weighed in you can tip your waste within our covered and fully concreted Transfer Station, knowing that your waste will be sorted & recycled to the maximum.

We offer a wide range of disposal to recycling services and coupled with our recycled aggregates, including crushed concrete, we can provide a one-stop shop facility for your projects.

Prompt and Reliable Delivery, Exchange and Collection Service.

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Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
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