At Haulaway we aim to achieve rates of recycling of over 90%. This is largely maintained through our own transfer station and more recently through our new distribution facility and marathon baler, which has further optimised our recycling aims and achievements.

Over the years we have researched various outlets for the recyclable materials that are sorted from your waste to significantly reduce the percentage going to landfill. This not only ensures a greener environment but also assists in your costs with the ever increasing landfill tax.

At Haulaway we currently recycle the following items from your waste streams

  • Brick RubbleBrick Rubble
  • Clean CardboardClean Cardboard
  • Clean PlasticsClean Plastics
  • PlasterboardPlasterboard
  • WoodWood
  • ConcreteConcrete
  • PaperPaper
  • TarmacTarmac
  • GlassGlass
  • MetalsMetals
  • Green WasteGreen Waste
  • MatressesMatresses
  • TyresTyres
  • ElecticalElectical

We are currently working with our partners to recycle even more waste products to help you meet your recycling targets.

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Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
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