Plant Hire

13 & 18 Ton Tracked Excavators 

Haulaway currently operates 13 and 18 Ton Excavators and can supply additional attachments such as Pulveriser, Concrete Breakers and Grapple to assist your construction needs. The additional equipment is subject to added charges of which can be obtained from our office.

Our 360° Excavators can be delivered to your sites and include an experienced operator. The rates quoted include Driver only and can be requested for one day's hire or for long-term contracts. A delivery and collection charge applies for all of the above in relation to this service.

Power screen Premiertrak400 

Our power screen crusher is used for crushing concrete and hardcore. It enables us to recycle this waste and reuse the material on building sites as a recycled aggregate.

This product is commonly used as a base layer before laying concrete or roads. The crusher itself weighs 48 tons and has a throughput capacity in excess of 300 tons per hour.

Power screen Premiertrak400 comes complete with operator.

Power Track 19 Ton Screener 

This is a very useful piece of equipment that can be used to screen various types of materials. It can reduce the need to remove certain items from site i.e. turning muck-away into a reinstatement soil or for blending soil, in conjunction with our compost, to produce a good quality dressing.

With its large screening operation the Warrior has the ability to screen Sands, Gravels, Topsoil, Crushed Aggregates and various other commodities that sites require to specific sizes and quality.

The Power Track screener assists Haulaway with its recycling ethos and produces products that conform to WRAP Protocols.

Dozer – D6K track type tractor (LGP) 14 ton 

Haulaway operates a D6K Track-Type Tractor using a Low Ground Pressure Under Carriage with a 3.4 metre blade, which is ideal for those sites that have soft spongy conditions. This equipment is quoted with operator only and can be requested for one day’s hire or for long-term contracts. A delivery & collection charge applies for all the above in relation to this service. In conjunction with our Excavator service it offers the customer a complete package.

Doppstadt dw2060k bio power 

Our slow speed shredder is one of the best on the market. Built in 2016, weighing 18 tonnes and capable of accepting 15 ton per hour it will shred virtually anything. We use it for reducing our wood waste to roughly 200mm so it can be burnt to produce electricity.

We are the leading waste wood recycler in East Sussex ready to accept your waste wood.

Kubota KX080 

Our Kubota KX080 is used for sorting skip waste and for loading our recycling plant. It weighs 8 tonnes and is fully equipped with rubber tracks, a selector grapple, efficient DPF muffler for emissions and even air conditioning! It has a 7.5 metre reach and can lift over 2.5 tonnes.

Prompt and Reliable Delivery, Exchange and Collection Service.

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Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
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